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The days of hierarchical leadership and vertical leadership development (more tools & tricks) are over.  The future is in ‘new power’ (shared wisdom & influence) and horizontal leadership development (enhanced human skills: self-awareness, deep communication & wisdom). 

What is going on in the world?  Complexity, Disconnection & Distress

  • Increasingly complex systems, processes and demands

  • Increasingly complex lives, lifestyles, needs and expectations

  • Burnout, ‘presenteeism’, poor workplace behaviour, emotional distress and poor mental health

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What is the solution? Simplicity, wisdom & connection

  • HUMAN skills & strengths: emotional intelligence, kindness, communication, resilience, purpose & meaning 

  • The wellbeing of staff, teams, humans at work = increased productivity, quality & retention

  • Collaboration, community & shared power belong at work and in community

  • Recognising our shared humanity & creative differences

We can help!

We believe in Collective Wisdom for Collective Impact.  We know that developing self-awareness, inner leadership, purposeful work, insightful teams and humanist organisations is the future of work.  We foster and facilitate individual learning, team learning and organisation-wide capacity building which prioritise and promote positive, productive and flourishing workplaces, groups and communities which are good for the humans in them, and good for the humans receiving their service or product.  We specialise in a deep understanding and skillset in human systems and change processes.  

We work to empower all voices in a system – the wisdom is not in an expert in front of the room, it is in the room, in the people who make up your organisation or group, at all levels.  When we create safe spaces and platforms for participation and empowerment, this wisdom can be activated and shared, and the impact is powerful and sustained.  This approach, and the focus on building emotional intelligence and resilience, is increasingly important as organisations and communities try to adapt to a fast changing and increasingly complex world. 



Program design, facilitation & training:

Programs designed specifically for and in consultation with your organisation, community group or team, including:

  • Leadership development for your community, organisation or team (including mindful leadership, inner leadership and horizontal leadership)

  • Joy at Work

  • Wellbeing workshops for staff / leadership

  • Purpose at work – enhancing engagement

  • Values in Action

Impact Monitoring & Evaluation: 

Specialising in participatory, empowerment approaches, Theories of Change & qualitative data capture and analysis.


A value add to workshops and training, bringing insights into action in your context and organisation. We use the Collective Wisdom model, and tools such as Humble Enquiry (Edgar Shein), Theory U and Presencing (Otto Scharmer) and Giving Voice to Values (Mary Gentile)

Public Speaking & MC’ing:

Examples of recent and possible presentations: 

  • ‘Not just lip service: truly sustainable, resilient and effective work cultures’

  • ‘#MeToo: The Power of shared story’

  • ‘Turning the microscope the other way: how healthy is our health system?’

  • ‘Turning the ‘helper’ the other way:  how humane are our human services organisations?’

  • ‘Hearts at Work: the power of the ‘soft’ sciences’

  • ‘What is leadership development, really?  And who is it for?’

  • ‘Gender and leadership’

  • ‘Joy at Work’

  • ‘No more white knights: Communities doing it for themselves’

  • ‘Kitchen Table Wisdom’ – we need to know where we’ve come from to know where we’re going

  • ‘Free to be Me’ (targeted at 18 – 24 year olds)


Change is an inside job.  We can help you to explore and activate your personal purpose & power for true joy at work.


Who we are

We practice what we preach.  We are an agile and adaptive team and collect wisdom for collective impact in our own business model.  We are a collaboration of specialists who share work and learning across our multiple platforms of expertise to bring you the most appropriate and effective expertise and team to your organisation or project. 

Collective Wisdom partners with:

The Hush Foundation – transforming healthcare cultures (

Mindfit at Work – learning & development with a focus on safety, quality and wellbeing at work (

Leanganook Yarn – participatory design, monitoring and evaluation to leverage social impact (

LEAD Loddon Murray – building and enabling thriving, sustainable and vibrant communities (

Village Well (


Principle Consultant - Lucy Mayes

Lucy Mayes is a respected and award-winning leadership, community and organisational development consultant.  She is a published author and sought-after speaker and facilitator. Lucy’s unique skillset draws on her background as a lawyer and company director, together with her insights about human and group behaviour through her leadership and social work training and experience.  Lucy has worked across multiple settings including corporate, education, local government and not for profit.  Lucy’s pioneering work in leadership development has been recognised with her being awarded the Australian Rural Women’s Award, Victorian Runner Up in 2008, and a Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship in 2000.  She is author of Beyond the Stethoscope: doctors’ stories of reclaiming hope, heart and healing in medicine. The research and publication of this book sparked her awareness of the desperate need and hunger for more humanism in workplaces in general, and in the world.  Lucy has served on several not for profit Boards, has worked in leadership development for over 20 years and has a lifetime interest in human systems and purpose at work.  She is currently on the board of the Castlemaine State Festival and on the Steering Committee of the Gathering of Kindness and was formerly Chair of the Castlemaine Steiner School and Director of Haven, Home Safe.  Lucy lives in Central Victoria, Australia where she is a proud and passionate mother, wife and community member. 


Happy clients include:


Happy clients say:

“Lucy is a warm, insightful and accomplished project manager who is able to design and deliver programs which truly understand the needs of the audience she is working with. 

Couple this with her skills as an engaging facilitator and entertaining public speaker, Lucy is someone who will leave a positive impact on every member of your group/team and lead to meaningful change that is sure to make your workplace/organisation a much better – and more productive – place.

As someone who has had the privilege and honour or working with Lucy in the past, I can highly recommend Collective Wisdom Consulting to any organisation that understands that through the empowerment of their team and providing a safe space in which to explore and innovate, magic can – and will – happen.”

Julie Slater, Former Executive Officer, Community Leadership Loddon Murray

“I’ve valued your guidance and clarity and am really happy with the outcome and output.”

– CEO, National Not for Profit

“Lucy facilitates with an incredible depth, skill and intuition.”

- Adult leadership program participant

“Lucy is a skilled facilitator who brings passion, empathy and wisdom to the table. Lucy has the skills to bring out the best in others, galvanise groups and create cohesiveness within a disparate group of individuals. Lucy creates safe environments for personal reflection, models integrity, and gives honest and constructive feedback. Her magic extends not just to working with groups but in her ability to lead by example.”

- Adult leadership program participant

“I was taken with Lucy's quite confidence during her presentation. Her considered responses to questions from the floor were thought provoking and insightful as she commanded the room with a presence greater than one would expect from her petite stature. I would gladly purchase a ticket to attend an event where Lucy was providing a keynote address and look forward to another opportunity to share a podium to address cultural workplace and community issues where we see our health care professionals prescribing kindness as an antidepressant where a duty of care is tempered with a care factor.”

- Michael Lloyd-White, Chief Executive Officer at World Kindness USA

“Lucy Mayes is the most qualified and talented facilitator, program and project manager anyone could wish for!  Lucy led with 'heart', holding us all, till we emerged with a greater sense of community, values and self-awareness. We have all emerged with a tool box of skills, confidence and a sense of 'can do'! She taught us skills and mindsets that will serve us well into the future.  Most of all, she taught us how to draw on the 'power within' and our 'inner resilience' in a way that would benefit any organisations or communities we find ourselves in.” 

- Adult leadership program participant.

“Lucy has a skillset that spans so much. She has a caring way, with a strength of authority that is not dominating. She has the ability to support all members of a group or team through their own stages of learning .... and not just one person at a time.”  -

- Adult leadership program participant.

“As a facilitator, mentor and guide Lucy has the ability to make all participants feel welcome and part of the greater group, while recognising, and allowing space, for each individual’s uniqueness.  Lucy willingly shared her wisdom, skills, insights and stories, and was fearless in her provision of support and participation.” 

- Adult leadership program participant.

“There is no doubt that Lucy’s skills and passion for empowering and inspiring others, gave us more as a group and as individuals than other affiliated programs would have been able to offer.”

- Adult leadership program participant.

 “Lucy has a skill for creating a safe space for us all to step out of our comfort zones, to grow our confidence and to see the world through a larger lens.”

– Adult leadership program participant.

“Lucy has a diverse and unique skillset. She facilitates groups in a caring, nurturing way, with a strength of authority that is not dominating. She has an amazing ability to support more than one person at a time through their vulnerabilities, keep an eye out for anyone struggling, and check in on all to make sure all are having a positive experience from which to learn and grow.”

– Adult leadership program participant.

“Lucy is a wonderful and giving facilitator. She is always smiling, happy, positive, encouraging, supportive, humoured, understanding, calm, and committed.”

– Adult leadership program participant.

Lucy’s workshop was a really powerful session for me.  I wish everyone could experience what I did in that session – it was a truly moving experience."

– Youth leadership program participant


“Lucy’s was the most incredible session!  I got so much out of it and loved the way she broke everything down and made it fun and profound at the same time." 

- Youth leadership program participant

“Lucy was amazing - by far my favourite presenter of the whole week."

– Youth leadership program participant